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    Friday, 20 June 2014

    Director Farooq Mengal is scared of love (HIP Pakistan)

    Maker of many artsy dramas, Farooq Mengal, is all set to enter the silver screen.

    The Quetta-based director and producer Farooq Mengal has not had it easy. He has been accused of murdering his wife and accused of infidelity, but he does not shy away fron the limelight. When he started his showbiz career from Pakistan Television (PTV) as an assistant producer on classic Aik Mohabbat Soo Afsanay no one could guess that he would become one of the most powerful story tellers of the time.

    With plays like Hawa ki Dastak, Kat Puttli and the politically charged Seeli Baarish Mengal established himself as a

    His first project as producer was Hawa ki Dastak and he later made a telefilm, titled, Kat Putli which received a lot of appreciation. After giving several hit plays, the famous television director has now turned his attention towards films.

    These days, he is busy shooting his upcoming film Hijrat starring Noman Ijaz, Rabia Butt, Azra Aftab, Shahzad Sheikh (actor Javed Sheikh’s son), Ayub Khoso and the Moroccan actor Wiam Dhamani.

    A couple of weeks ago I had a chance to meet with the talented director.

    How did you end up in showbiz?

    I’m a born producer. The very first thing I remember from my childhood is the fact that I wanted to make dramas. Therefore, once I made up my mind, I started looking for resources to turn my dream into a reality. I learnt a lot from Atta Ullah Baloch, the current General Manager of PTV Quetta Centre.  Also, my mother has always been a source of inspiration for me as she has been a source of guidance for me at every single step of my life.

    I did face a lot of resistance from my family members but there is only one way to persuade others. Let your work speak for you. And here I am today successful and happy.

    How many siblings do you have?

    I’m the eldest one in my family. I have five siblings, including four brothers and one sister. One of my younger brothers is studying whereas the other one is looking after our ancestral land in village. My sister is happily married. My younger brother was murdered a couple of years back.

    Tell us about your educational background?

    I received my primary and secondary education from the Pakistan Air Force School in Quetta. I did Bachelors and Masters in political science from Balochistan University. Side by side, I didn’t forget my passion and did some media related courses from different institutes to get some know-how about the field.

    What qualities does a good director have?

    It is extremely important for a director to be observant since he has to give life to the characters on paper and blend it with the surroundings. Creativity is another thing that a director (or any other person in media) should possess.

    A good director should also know how to act so he can guide actors. He should be a technician. That is, be familiar with the technicalities needed to complete a project. He must have a sense to complete the project within the given budget. In short, the director should be everything from an actor, to technician and of course a director because he is the spinal cord of any program.

    Like many others, do you also feel theatre is the real deal?

    Theatre is the real platform where an artist’s abilities can be judged. If an actor performs well on the stage, he can win people’s heart on any media – be it films or television. I love watching theatre and I often go to watch plays whenever I have time.

    What are your future plans?

    Well, I have plans to make a film in the near future and as we speak I’m working on Hijrat. It is a love triangle touching basic human rights issues. I personally feel it is extremely important to keep making good movies for the revival of cinema.

    What do you feel is your greatest achievements so far?

    I was been nominated for the “Pride of Performance Award” this year and I am the first ever director in Pakistan who is nominated for this respected award.

    Are you satisfied with the content being shown in our dramas?

    There is no novelty in our plays. Switch on any television channels and you get to see old topics being discussed in dramas again and again.

    There was a time when our dramas were famous all over the world and were shown in other countries too. The credit went to strong subjects.  Now our channels air foreign content because the local industry is not offering them good stuff.

    The Turkish plays are slowly destroying our industry and also affecting our culture, ethics and traditions. Most of those dramas aspread vulgarity.

    When actors reach late on set how do you react?

    I hate it and sometimes I become too harsh with them. I believe that they should know that time is money and should value it.

    Tell us about the unforgettable moment of your life?

    I could not forget my wife, Afreen Baig’s murder in 2004 for which I got arrested. That was the worst period of my life. Although today I am a free man but the haunted memories of that dark period is still fresh in my mind.

    Your first love?

    My mother is my first love and the ‘love’ you’re talking about has entered my life time again and again, but the first one was with my beloved mother and I want to die in her arms.

    What scares you?

    I’m afraid of falling in love. Though I have fallen in love several times but still it scares me – but the big problem is that I also want it. So I’m really not sure that whether I enjoyed it or tolerate it.

    What do you like most in your personality?

    I am a daydreamer and with hard work I always try to turn my dreams into reality.

    What is it that you don’t like about yourself?

    I am short-tempered and I just wish I had more patience. I know it is not a good habit and I am trying to overcome it.

    Article Courtesy : HIP Pakistan (By Moniza Talat)
    Source : http://www.hipinpakistan.com/farooq-mengal-man-turns-dream-reality/

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