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    Tuesday, 10 December 2013

    Pakistani Cinema: At the edge of revival

    Karachi: Now a day’s Pakistani silver screen is producing remarkable films to revive Pakistani film industry. 'Mein hoon Shahid Afridi', 'Zinda bhag', 'Saving face' and 'WAAR' are worldwide appreciated movies created by the new generation of film makers in Lollywood. Moreover, the ARY Films is also playing a vital role as it has recently announced to produce two new mega budget movies 'Delta Echo Foxtrot' and 'WAAR-II'.

    A trend of promoting newer ideas in the industry has also motivated the students of film making to contribute their part in the revival of Pakistani cinema. In this regard, students of the Department of Visual Studies, University of Karachi (UoK) arranged a Tele film festival in Feroza Hasham Hall UoK, to exhibit the projects of final year students of film making.

    Numerous films were exhibited including Ek Tha Mitthu (Ameer Zaidi), Zara Dair Se (Hafsa Khitab), Big Bang Idea (Sapna Cheryl) and Chainak (Fajar Raza).
    A large number of students gathered at the festival to witness the pieces of work their course-mates created.          
    A fourty two minutes long movie 'Chainak' directed by Fajar Raza was the movie highly praised by the audience, starring Vajdaan Shah, Muhammad Ahsan, Ali Asghar Nalwala, Ali Abbas, Anis Ahmad and Nazr ul Hassan. Central idea of the movie revolves around a semi retarded person who loves his younger brother a lot and ready to do anything for him, his affection for his brother initiates a story of a crime.

    The film contains emotion, thrill, drama, action and also suspense and the director merged all these aspects artistically.

    Another tele-film that inspired the audience a lot was 'Ek tha Mitthu' directed by Ameer Zaidi which was picturized in a dark hall but contains a bright ray of light that is the idea to fight for freedom. Ameer Zaidi took all his class fellows to play different roles and according to him, "movie was shot without any rehearsals.
    Most of the actors in these short movies were taken from NAPA (National Academy of Performing Arts), e.g. Sana Saif, Saad, Aasia, Wajdan, Erum and Nazr ul Hassan etc.

    The successful Tele Films Festival made this fact evident that the recent wave generated in the Pakistani film industry will be sustained in future by these young enthusiastic directors and actors.

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