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    Saturday, 28 December 2013

    JALAIBEE Is Coming - Chat With Film's Director

    Pakistan is booming these days with independent films and the recent announcement of the film “Jailaibee” is nothing less of a bang either. In the past few or so we have seen more and more Paki flicks making their mark in the almost dying film industry and adding strength to it’s revival. All kinds of genres, like Horror, Action, Drama, are making a move and then comes Jalaibee. A mix of action, humor and animation, the film is a definitely an anticipation. The film features Ali Safinaz, Zhalay Sarhadi, Danish Taimur, Wiqar Ali Khan, Uzair Jaswal and many other solid actors playing a character apt for them, yet in a never before seen roles.

    The Director Yasir Jaswal chats with soup and shares some of the bits we wanted to hear.

    1. How did Jalaibee come into existence?

    The idea for Jalaibee came to me 4 years back. I was writing a completely different story about two friends at the time but since my mind is a wanderer, it played out this parallel story with numerous different characters coming in and playing out their parts. Eventually I dropped working on the story I had started to write and started working on Jalaibee.

    2. Why the name Jalaibee?

    The project was initially called “Rendezvous” but later on we changed it. I always knew an English name for the movie just wouldn’t do. The story has so many twists and turns that I decided to call it “Jalaibee”.

    3. How long did it take for this dream to finally evolve?

    I guess I was lucky that I had my friend Murtaza on board this project from the start. He is the owner/creator of REDRUM Films and also the Executive Producer for this project. Both of us were doing completely different jobs at the time when we started discussing this project and both of us just jumped out of that life and started chasing this dream together.

    4. Challenges and struggles as well as Blessed miracles you had to face while working on this film?

    There were so many. I knew it was going to be hard but I didn’t expect it to be this hard to start off. I guess the biggest challenge was the mindset of people. Most people we went to didn’t take us seriously. But then again the most blessed miracle was the team that we had on board. From our producer to the spot boy. We are truly blessed to be working with each other and sharing this dream together. That’s what I always wanted, a team that believes in and is passionate for the art that is film.

    5. How is Jalaibee going to be different from the rest?

    I guess its for the audience to decide why its different or if its not at all. We made sure its not about some social issue or something tragic because I am honestly not that kind of a storyteller. We already get such depressing news on the TV all the time so we made sure that we make a FUN film. Where audiences can come out talking about how some particular scene played out to their surprise or the songs or a dance move. They would definitely be coming out entertained.

    6. What should we be expecting?

    The complete unexpected.

    7. How did the choice of cast work out? were they your first preference?

    Well not all of them. But then again we didn’t know who we wanted to play what. The only thing I knew was that I didn’t want the regulars so we wanted non film people. And if I do say so myself we put together a team of exceptional actors who not only fit the characters but owned them and added new life into them.

    8. What is that one thing you would like to tell the audience to look forward to as far as Jalebi is concerned.

    Jalaibee is about that cinema experience. Its about going in there and having fun. Its about intelligent story telling. Its about the thrill of anticipation. About some awesome music.And about believing in the power and magic of movies. It’s a ride!

    9. The future of Independent film in Pakistan?

    The future is not only bright but also very Pakistani. By that I mean it doesn’t look anything like Bollywood or Hollywood. They are great industries but the Pakistani Film industry is unique and original in its own way. The films coming out don’t feel like the directors or producers are trying to copy anyone. So I love what its shaping up to be.

    The Teaser of the upcoming film was released on 25th of December 2013. 

    Some additional info on the film:
    DOP – Mo Azmi
    Production Designer – Nida Khan
    Casting and Styling: Ehtesham Ansari
    Production – Redrum Films -
    Media – ARY Films

    Article by : Maliha Rao (SOUP.com.pk)

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