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    Thursday, 1 August 2013

    Shaan Will Remake “Arth”

    MUMBAI: Pakistani superstar Shaan will remake Bollywood musical blockbuster “Arth” in Urdu.

    Pakistani Actor, Writer and Director Shan got the rights to make “Arth” in Urdu. Originally film was made in 1982. Mahesh Bhatt directed the movie and co-writes the screen play with Kuljit Pal.

    Mahesh Bhatt said, “I was approached by Pakistani superstar Shaan seeking my no-objection for Arth being remade in Urdu language based on the script of the original film and I have given my no-objection since I believe that this will be one of the first initiatives to strengthen the Indo-Pak relations. There is no commercial angle in this hence the word “sold” is completely misplaced. At this stage, I don’t wish to comment on ownership of rights in the screenplay since the same is unwarranted in the given facts and circumstances.”

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