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    Thursday, 22 August 2013

    MHSA : A decisive step towards reawakening of Pakistani Film Industry (REVIEW)

    A Review By : Raju Jamil

    I just returned from the red carpet of "Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi" at the Atrium, Karachi which was jam packed with who's who of Karachi based Pak Showbiz.

    It also looked like a fashion show to say the least with hundreds of cameras and vid cams seeking the thoughts and views of the celebrities on the reawakening of Pakistani Cinema.

    Humayun Saeed, his partner Shahzad Nasib of 'Six Sigma' (which I call my baby--having got it established some three years back), Nadeem Mandviwalla, Haji Rauf and Jay Jay of ARY were there besides, like I said, you name it..of Pak Showbiz based in Karachi.

    The movie is spellbinding. Seeing is believing. The hard days night work by actors, director, craftsmen, crew on those sleepless nights..clearly reflected from each scene and scenario.

    The flavour of cricket--the only thing which turns this Nation wild with integration and binding well-endowed by the yearn for pehchaan was obvious and blatant that they drew cheers and clapping aloud from the houseful special show of MHSA poised for release on Friday-23rd August Pan Pakistan.

    Some of the songs and the beat conjointly with the dances---daily beat the brains out of some neighbouring stuff we've been accustomed to in situations where "Munni" is hoing 'badnaam' or 'Billo' doing with the choreography you would take as a joke after watching those dazzling scenes so well picturised on Mahnoor and Mathira... I do promise you that.

    If that's what the Pakistani cinema goer wants...that's what they will get to extend a well worded message to the neighbour not to mess with our Pakistani Film Industry no more.

    All actors justified their roles. My pick was the performance of Shafqat Cheema and Humayun Saeed. Javed Sħąĩkħ had a good role but I thought he was, at some points, not justifying what exactly was required but in general, he did okay. The young lad who did the role of a Pathan member of Sialkot Cricket Team was awesome considering that it may his first movie.

    MHSA is a punchy movie with a definite appeal towards certain values the world adopts to forge ahead towards the goodness in destiny. It's a story of struggle and family values and with a spark of romance so wonderfully not overdone by the director Ali Raza.

    Those who will miss this movie will miss a huge lot. The movie has everything one can ask for as entertainment and as an impact essentially required in our routine everyday life to adopt and pursue.

    MHSA a great attempt by Humayun Saeed-Shahzad Nasib who certainly deserve accolades and kudos.

    Lets wish the Pakistani Film Industry and great reawakening and many a fetes going forward.....

    Watching MHSA and thinking about its glorious entertainment as well as message, reminds me of Jigar's following verses;

    "Har dil meiN utar jate hain ash,aar Jigar ke
    Aa jati hai sun kar jinheiN ek maah laqa yaad"

    Pakistani Film Industry's reawakening Mubarak...

    "Mein Hoon Shahid Afridi" inspires the production houses to go for more such kinds....

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