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    Monday, 29 April 2013

    Quick review of Chambaili, from a Blogger @ FURSID.COM

    A quick review of Chambaili, from a Blogger @ FURSID.COM

    Just came back from Atrium. Went to watch #Chambaili, the movie. Been hearing about it for quite some time (for which I realize the Social Media marketing has been quite good to create the hype for it – found out Lane12 is responsible for handling their digital/social marketing)

    “How was it?” you ask; If you don’t compare it with the Indian cinema/movies – in terms of budgets, technology and equipment – this movie is pretty decent; I would say. Good talent. Not very technically sound but still good.

    The main cast did quite well. Musa’s role was nicely handled by the actor. Dialogues were strong and at times moving. Music wasn’t as good and smooth.

    Here is a quick rating for different aspects on a scale of 1-10 (1 being lowest & 10 being the heighest)

    Acting: 7
    Music/Songs: 4
    Script/Story: 7
    Dialogues: 8
    Cast: 7

    This movie, despite few shortfalls, is indeed a good show of talent and potential that can sustain if channeled properly. I would urge all of you to go and watch it. Great to see the cinema revival of Pakistan through these recent and upcoming movies.

    A quick review of Chambaili, from a Blogger @ FURSID.COM
    The Source of this Article : FURSID.com

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