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    Monday, 8 April 2013

    ‘Ishq Khuda’ releases music album in star-studded ceremony

     Up-coming Lollywood film ‘Ishq Khuda’, which had been the talk of the town ever since it was announced by leading filmmaker Shahzad Rafique of ‘Salaakhen’ and ‘Mohabbatan Sachiyan’ fame, is now in its post-production stage slated for an Eidul Fitr release this year. The film, which has a stellar line-up of cast including some of our industry’s top-notch actors, include Shaan, Ahsan Khan, Meera, Saima and Dubai-based newcomer Wiam Ammar Dahmani. Produced by Shafquat Chaudhry of SoundView banner and written by Muhammad Parvaiz Kaleem, the romantic film is based on a love triangle depicting true feelings, strong emotions and the consequences of loving an entity beyond control.

    The film has a total of 10 tracks, composed by Wajahat Attre and with a list of some of our most respected and successful music artists, that include Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Shazia Manzoor and Sanam Marvi. The tracks are deep, soulful, engaging and memorable with a hint of Sufi touch. In an exclusive music album release launch held recently, Ahsan Khan while talking to Daily Times said, “My favourite track from the film would be “Booay Khol Banwan De” sung by Rahat Fateh and Shazia Manzoor. It’s catchy and beautifully shot. The film is a pure romantic drama with a touch of Sufism. It will cater to the masses of Pakistan as it’s made on a total commercial scale. The music is not the groovy sort, which would get you moving or anything, but it’s sweet and melodious and goes with the overall theme of the film. It’s reminiscent of the kind of music ‘Chooriyan’ and ‘Muhabbatan Sachiyan’ had. IMGC is a big company and the best part is that they have invested in a Lollywood film. Wiam, who is a Moroccan star has been cast in the film, which would open new doors for international stars in Lollywood. I have worked in this film to lend my support to Lollywood, as I believe big projects like these can resuscitate our industry.”

    Shot entirely in Pakistan, ‘Ishq Khuda’ is eagerly-awaited. Unlike most filmmakers who rely on foreign locations to add beauty and glamour to their projects, Shahzad Rafique is a total patriot, finding beauty on his soil only and hence promoting it affectively. “All songs are melodious and raag-based. The thing, which makes it different is its arrangement. The songs are sung in Punjabi but there arrangement is done at par with Urdu films. Some of the songs have Sufi feel to them as you may notice. Rahat has done a brilliant job. Shazia has made a comeback in the industry after 12 years and is a true playback singer. Sanam who has sung an item song in the film has also done a remarkable job with it. Overall, we have worked hard on the film,” he said.

    Slated for an Eidul Fitr release this year, ‘Ishq Khuda’ is replete with accomplished actors, respected playback singers, exotically-shot locations and a profound moral indeed. Could this be the year of Lollywood revival after all?

    “Rahat is country’s pride and lending his voice to the film’s soundtrack will automatically make it international so this album could go global,” added Shaan also while talking to Daily Times. Many prominent personalities of the media were also present at the event, including Syed Noor, Mubasher Lucman, Mustafa Qureshi and Laila. The music CD was launched by the whole cast and crew present at the event.

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