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    Saturday, 13 April 2013

    Chambaili (2013) - Story Synopsis

    Story Synopsis
    Set in Fiction, this is a story of a country called Mulke Khudadad and set in one of its city, Falakabad.

    Within the city of Falakabad, the story mostly revolves around an area of the city called Yaadgaar Colony, which is an old historic district of pre-partition days.

    The time line of the story shows that this country is increasingly drifting towards anarchy and civil strife and finds itself in dire straits. There has been no time as dark, stark and somber as a nation for Mulke Khudadad in its relatively short turbulent history. Political parties, leaders and lobbies all continue to be daggers drawn in pursuit of their own agenda.

    Corruption has hit a record high, law and order has deteriorated- inflation and joblessness rule and political victimization and intolerance has become the order of the day. Deprivation and desperation is setting the tone for the voice of dissent. Confusion and chaos is finding voice in mainstream media leading to more disillusionment. The people of the country are kept occupied in waging a daily personal war for survival with no time for ideology or betterment of collective good

    This is a story of courage, romance and sacrifice of a group of friends who are led by circumstances and incidences to find themselves at the crossroads of fate that pushes them towards changing the future of the country. Together they embark upon a journey to eventually form a Political Party with no experience, resources or background in Politics - and seemingly with no possible future.

    Faced with Threats, Arrests, Cynicism and Rejections they continue to follow their dreams as `CHAMBAILI TEHREEK is launched. In its formative time, they come to a point and feel that nothing can be achieved, until the day when the Electoral reforms are announced that gives them a reason to continue with more vigor and fervor. 2013 Elections under the new electoral system does wonders and to everyone's surprise, `CHAMBAILI TEHREEK' wins by a sweeping margin, following which its elected President gives the famous and historic 'Freedom Speech'.

    This is a story of Hope, Courage and Optimism of youth and the citizens of Mulke Kudadad who come together against all odds to defeat despondency so as to harness positive change and carve a better future for themselves and times to come.

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