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    Saturday, 2 March 2013

    PAF Cinema plans weekly screening of classics

    Because of dearth of new Pakistani movies and non-availability of cinemas to screen the few being produced locally due to their Indian rivals, the PAF Cinema plans to hold weekly shows of old movies.

    The cinema in Cantonment area which also shows Indian movies has taken the step to address general complaint of local filmmakers that their films are not being given proper space, especially by modern cinemas.

    “Through this initiative we would pay tribute to our film industry and try to reunite film folks every week on films screenings since their cast would also be invited”, said cinema manager Nadir Latif Minhas.

    Mr Minhas said in the first week of March, the cinema management planned to hold a gathering of film industry people, along with students of film and television departments of Beaconhouse National University (BNU), National College of Arts (NCA) and University of Punjab. On the occasion, the 2005 hit, Majajan, would be screened, he added.

    Majajan has been selected for screening because it did a record business at the box office for five years.

    After the film screening, Mr Minhas said, the audience could ask questions about the film and industry issues from the film team and other personalities present on the occasion. Film veterans such as Mustafa Qureshi, Bahar, Ijaz Durrani, Syed Noor and a number of other film luminaries had also been invited to the event, he said.

    He said movies would be screened on Saturdays and Sundays from 5-7pm.

    Films like Daman Aur Chingari, Dil Lagi, Aiena, Naukar Waoti Da, Baao Ji and a number of other films would be screened, he said, adding that negotiations on the rights of these films and censor certificates were almost in final stages with Censor Board.

    A live performance to the songs of Majajan was also part of the inaugural ceremony of weekly screenings, he said.

    Besides these screenings, the cinema would also put on display pencil sketches of some 64 film industry luminaries. The show would be formally inaugurated by senior film artistes.

    “We have not yet finalised the date for the event because of availability issues of some film personalities,” Minhas said.

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