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    Sunday, 10 March 2013

    Chambaili - The fragrance of freedom

    The new Pakistani film Chambaili — name of the national flower — will not only be a part of the revival of the film industry in the country but also spell a renewal of the patriotic passport.

    Nowadays we hear a great hue and cry about the beginning of a revolutionary era, about bringing in change in the social order, about making the utopian society happen, about transforming the common man’s dreams into reality. In this time, as political parties fail to gain the trust of the people, budding Pakistani film producers seem to have pledged their duty. First it was Shoaib Mansoor bringing in Khuda Key Liye (2007) highlighting the fundamentalist manipulation/sexual molestation, then it was Bol (2011) highlighting the social venom of gender discrimination. Now comes another feather in the cap of the rising Pakistani film industry — Chambaili.

    As I tread the ancient narrow streets of Garhi Shahu, I glanced at the archaic walls where every brick had a story to tell. I felt as though I were going back to the 1857 independence days as I reached the famous Garhi Shahu Chowk. I saw media vans, reporters, protesters, the poor, and the powerful. As I kept walking, AD Ghayas Uddin showed me the way and I entered a room. Imagine Shakespeare in front of you! How would you feel at the sight of a splendidly creative human being? I had such an experience when I met Shahzad Nawaz (SXN), the writer, producer, and the man behind Chambaili, on the sets of the film.

    As he spoke about his ardour for the country and the need of the time to educate the common man of his rights, I kept endorsing within that great things don’t require technicalities; all it requires is a throbbing heart and a thinking mind. His personality reminded me of the fire of Prometheus’ words: “I shall never exchange my fetters for slavish servility.”

    Chambaili is the national flower of Pakistan and the film aims to mushroom its fragrance in the region. This transparent fragrance is coloured with the imagination of a storyteller SXN, directed by Ismail Jilani. I observed, there isn’t any cast and caste in the film. All it has is one big Chambaili family who unanimously believe the film to be “divine intervention.” Humayun Bin Rather (actor) said, “It’s not a film; it’s a medium, a tool and we are all a part of this movement.”

    Ethisham and Ali Tahir (actors) revealed that after years of struggle they got a chance to do what they always wanted to do — act. Budding actors Ali Fateh and Sadia Hayat claimed that this film shall not only be a part of the revival of the Pakistani film industry but renewal of the patriotic passport. They feel there is a rebirth within.

    Throughout the conversation I couldn’t rest my back on the sofa. Maybe I was in an awe seeing such ardently optimistic Pakistanis amalgamated to one idea: F2 — Fragrance of Freedom. Mehnaz Deewan, the Art
    Director, quoted an incident when the producer stood in fog and rain for two hours and the team had tears in their eyes for this kind of devotion.

    Garhi Shahu, an area that once accommodated a learned man Abul Khair, never kept his name. The question is that will the same area translate today’s fabricated ideal leader and common man to the real one? Time will tell! But one thing I am sure of is that we need to see our naked frailties which we embalm with our most profound sentiments and believe in reality check. After sensing the passion in Chambaili team I positively say that our actions, thoughts and dreams will brighten the future soon, not only for the Pakistani film industry but the country as a whole.

    Inspired with the Chambailian ambiance, I ponder that man must constantly saddle himself with responsibility that even those swift mares do without which man would be dragging his feet in the dust like a weary footslogger.

    Chambaili will be released worldwide including the UAE soon.

    Article Written By : Sadaf Abid (www.gulftoday.ae)

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