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    Sunday, 10 February 2013

    Singer Quratulain Balouch to undergo surgery after car accident

    Singer Quratulain Balouch, famous for her single “Woh Humsafar,” was hospitalised after it was discovered that the car accident she had been involved in recently had left her worse off than initially thought.

    Known as QB for short, her manager DJ Mac explained to The Express Tribune that on February 2, the singer was going to the airport to catch a flight to Dubai, when a car hit her vehicle. The collision flipped her car. The singer was immediately rushed to Combined Military Hospital in Lahore.

    Doctors at the hospital gave her a clean bill of health after an initial inspection and released her. DJ Mac explained that after the singer was released, she started feeling increased pain in her spinal area.

    The artist was then taken to the National Hospital. QB is now due to undergo a surgery.
    “She will be fine and following the surgery she will be able to recover and continue with her musical engagements,” said Mac.

    Mac added that her immediate engagements including tours and concerts have been suspended owing to her scheduled surgery. Mac hoped that the singer will have recovered for her tour of UK, tentatively scheduled for March and April.

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