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    Sunday, 17 February 2013

    Remaking ‘Armaan’: Fawad Khan & Aamina Sheikh to play leads

    It is widely believed in the film world that touching the classics for the sake of remake is a bad idea. But then there are few like Anjum Shahzad and Abdullah Kadwani who believe more in taking risks and bringing the history on the front for the modern world. This indeed was a surprise as no one would have thought that 7th Sky Entertainment would pick the ‘Cult Classic’ of the 60s, Armaan, for its next project.

    A film as big as Armaan; if needs to be remade all over again, requires some extensive resources, exceptional directorial skills, excellent script and an enthusiastic team, and Abdullah Kadwani truly is the right man to provide all of that. Chambaili is the other big film being made simultaneously under his production banner of 7th Sky Entertainment. It seems like he realises the fact that single films aren’t going to do any good to the industry, instead, back to back quality films are to be provided to get rid of this slump phase on the local film industry.

    The only worry, however, remains here is that how well Abdullah transits from the TV phase to the film world, many worry about the increased amount of films being made the drama way. But with the professional gang working alongside the production experience of 7th Sky Entertainment, we expect this not happening with Armaan or even Chambaili for that matter.

    Starring Fawad Khan and Aamina Sheikh in the lead roles, this remake of 1966 Waheed Murad and Zeba starrer Armaan, is currently under production with Anjum Shahzad as its director and Abdullah Kadwani, producer. Actress Mahnoor Khan; who we first saw in Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol, is also part of the cast.

    Anjum Shahzad might be a new name to hear, but he has been part of Pakistan entrainment industry for nearly two decades now. He made his acting debut with the 1990s comedy classic Family Front but soon left the acting world to have a career as director. Anjum has since delivered some of the best Drama serials on our television screens, Dil-e-Nadaan, Khuda Aur Muhabbat and Jaye Kahan Yeh Dil are just to name a few.

    Although this would be the directorial debut of Anjum Shahzad on big screen, but the cast including Fawad Khan, Aamina Sheikh and Mahnoor Khan have all done at least a film each. Fawad Khan made his acting debut through the blockbuster hit Khuda Kay Liye in 2007, whereas Aamina also made it to the big screen through her recently festival-screened independent film Seedlings (Lamha). Mahnoor Khan, as mentioned earlier, was first seen in Shoaib Mansoor’s 2011 blockbuster hit Bol.

    Aamina’s manager, Talha Bin Hissam, although confirmed the news regarding actress’s inclusion in the remake, but excused to give further details on the project. Our sources however, informed us that the shooting of the film is currently in its full swing and the other aspects of the film are also being worked out. We hope to see more updates from the Armaan-camp soon.

    Article Source : http://galaxylollywood.wordpress.com/2013/02/13/remaking-armaan-fawad-khan-aamina-sheikh-to-play-leads/

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