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    Tuesday, 19 February 2013

    It’s time to get united: Resham

    The Lollywood actress believes that in order to compete with Bollywood; Pakistani actors need to work together. PopBluster reports that the actress emphasizes on ‘Unity’ among showbiz people.

    The renowned Pakistani film, television and theater actress Resham has recently said that beating them and leaving Indian Film Industry far behind is no big deal. ‘All we need to do is to work together, to get united.’

    While talking to the media the 40-year-old Pakistani actress said further that the talent and potential she sees in Pakistani actors; can’t be found elsewhere in the entire world. However, said Resham that in order to highlight their abilities; new talent should be provided more opportunities.

    Resham expressed hopes that since numbers of new movies are expected to hit the theaters pretty soon, the move will help bringing the spectators back to cinema houses.

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