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    Tuesday, 19 February 2013

    I always look forward to future: Zeba Bakhtiar

    The Pakistani film and television actress says she’s always happy; no matter whatever the circumstances are. The PopBluster has learned that Zeba is a very positive-minded woman in real life.

    A television series director, big and small screen actress Zeba Bakhtiar reveals the secret behind her success; the Lollywood actress always looks forward to future. Further, the former Mrs. Adnan Sami claimed that no matter whatever are the circumstances; she’s always cool and happy.

    While during a recent interview, Zeba Bakhtiar said that she intends not to hurt anyone in life, by any of her act(s). ‘I have had bitter experiences throughout my life but I always learned a lot from the same instead.’

    Rising to fame from ‘Henna’ her Bollywood debut film, Zeba emphasized that she gained lot of success in life; only by focusing on future; by forgetting the past.
    Sounding proud, Zeba further said that she does; whatever her heart suggests her to do. 

    ‘To be successful in life pay attention to whatever your heart tells you to do, not to what the people around say to you.’ ‘Listen to your heart thus or else; you’ll find yourself surrounded by problems and conflicts.’

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