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    Wednesday, 23 January 2013

    Heal (2010)- Watch Online

    Short Movie : Heal
    Release Date :    2010
    Genre :      Drama / Supernatural
    Studio :     M.A.A.K PICTURES
    Plot Outline :  Amidst the conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan, a gifted child makes an extraordinary effort for his people
    Starring :  Ameer Ahmad Zhowandai, Navid Negahban, Hannah Sher, Fereshta Kazemi, Walid Amini, Reha Zamani, Summar Swift Bitar, Syed Hashimi, Hamid Majid Habibi
    Directed By :  Mian Adnan Ahmad
    Written By   :  Mian Adnan Ahmad
    Screenplay By :  Mian Adnan Ahmad
    Produced By  :  Marcus Metsala, Mian Adnan Ahmad

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