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    Sunday, 26 August 2012

    Waar: Bilal Lashari ropes in Amir Munawar to compose film Music

    Bilal Lashari’s directorial debut feature film Waar is no doubt the biggest what one must be expecting from Pakistan Film Industry. People are genuinely crazy about the film and almost everyone who received the newsis more than excited to see what Pakistan film industry’s biggest and finest ever project looks like. When this high the expectations are, it obviously takes time and best of the resources to satisfy them.

    In order to satisfy the music needs of the film, Bilal Lashari and company has roped in the music maestro Amir Munawar to compose the background score and music compositions, who, from last couple of months is working hard to give best of his pieces to Pakistan’s biggest and most anticipated film.
    Talking to Daily Times last month, Amir said, ”I am totally excited about my current project. I have been roped in to compose music for Bilal Lashari’s directorial venture, ‘Waar’. The opportunity itself is very fulfilling, yet demanding, as I get to experiment with the serious note the movie takes on. I have used orchestral music and sounds, which I probably have never used before, so you can say it is a different experience for me altogether. Let’s see if the people enjoy hearing it as much as I did making it,” Amir says with a smile.

    Not only that, he also revealed that Zoya Uzair– the lead vocalist of Pakistan’s youngest band ‘The Others’ — has also been roped into provide background crooning to the melodies. Talking about Zoya, Amir said, “….I have also roped in The Others’ lead vocalist, Zoya Uzair to provide background crooning, as I believe she has the most phenomenal voice I have heard in a long time. Given the right platform and exposure, Zoya’s voice has the potential to turn heads and stop time.”

    Bilal Lashari is said to have an extremely critical eye when it comes to his own projects, he sees his own mistakes way before anyone else does, and now everyone seems to be chanting the same song when asked about him. Commenting on Bilal Lashari, Amir said, ”Bilal is Mr Perfectionist through in through. I like his professional approach to just about everything he takes up and together I believe, we make an excellent team of creating something huge and never seen or heard before, normal an idea it may be. To be honest, I am glad something like ‘Waar’ is happening to Pakistan. It is going to be larger than life.”

    Letting the writer to have a sneak peek of what he has already created for the film, which the writer described as ‘Epic’, Amir said, ”The scene in which Shaan makes his entry in the film, has one of my masterpieces playing the back. Also the music playing at the ending credits, will give you something to remember. I have complete faith over my work, hence would like to believe ‘Waar’ from its story to acting, direction to music will surely hit the sky. It is only encouraging to see that films like ‘Khuda Ke Liye’, ‘Bol’ and now ‘Waar’ are setting an example of how Pakistani cinema should be.”
    Well, all this just pumps up the excitement level for the film, which by the way is said to be releasing fall this year. One important thing however, is that Amir should keep in mind that he doesn’t have the luxury to give anything notch below the standards set by the film. Anything below that could become the centre of criticism for not only him, but the film too. For now, fingers crossed!

    Article Source : Galaxy Lollywood

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