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    Wednesday, 6 June 2012

    Humaima Malik does a Shabana Azmi in SHER

    Surprise number one. In her first Bollywood film ‘Sher’ Humaima Malik plays the same role as Shabana Azmi’s national award winning role in Vinay Shukla’s ‘Godmother’. Surprise number two. Contrary to the rumours floating around eyewitness on location at the film’s set say Humaima hardly exchanges anything more than a hello with the deadly Dutt. The ‘Bol’ actress is currently in India to shoot the movie. She is all of 22, full of spunk, honest and raring to go. And when cornered with what she says are embarrassing rumours linking her with Sanjay Dutt, she isn’t afraid to hit back. “For God’s sake. Not him, please! I respect Sanjay Dutt. The entire world knows about Wasim Akram and me. I am here to work. Not get into controversies and scandals. I only say ‘Salaam Sir’ when I see Mr Dutt. That’s about it. I am completely bewildered by the politics of Bollywood. I want to stay out of it,” she said. For ‘Sher’ she’s shooting in the sweltering heat of Rajasthan and playing the challenging role of a female gangster forced to take over her husband’s empire after he’s killed. The film is narrated in a flashback by Humaima after the Sanjay Dutt character’s death. Says Humaima excitedly, “The role is a lot like the one I played in ‘Bol’. Shabana Azmi also played the same role in ‘Godmother’.” Humaima’s homes are in London and Dubai. Her large family of 6 brothers and sisters are spread across the world. As for Wasim Akram, Humaima says, “He and I have come a long way. But we aren’t getting married. I don’t want to be known by the men I work with. Besides, when I’ve the best guy in the world in my life, why would I need anyone else?”

    Source : Pakistan Today

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