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    Saturday, 19 May 2012

    Hadiqa Kiyani – the new face of fashion brand 'Quiz'

    By Saira Agha

    Pakistani singer Hadiqa Kiyani has been chosen as the face of leading clothing and accessories brand 'Quiz' in Pakistan. 'Quiz' is a leading UK retailer of stylish women's clothing and they introduced their new summer collection of clothing, shoes and accessories through their stores located at Vogue Towers and Mall of Lahore.
    Shoppers can have the 'Quiz' experience with a range of formal and casual outfits including dresses and tops, skinny jeans and jeggings, leggings and trousers, high heels and casual-wear shoes, earrings and necklaces, handbags and clutches in the brand's 150 plus locations across the UK and Ireland and 75 plus in Europe, Middle East and Pakistan.

    Their latest summer collection ranges from stunning silks to flowy chiffons, striking dresses with Western silhouettes and cuts, also 'Quiz' has not just stuck to light summery shades; they have experimented with a lot of greys, blacks and dark blues to create floral dresses and loose tops.

    Accessories range from sparkly rings and necklaces to wearable and affordable variety of bags and shoes. You can see the latest peep toes and stilettos in a wide range of colours all set to make you strike a pose! 'Quiz' this summer is the place to shop, girls!

    After making it's presence felt in the fashion circles of Pakistan, 'Quiz' has decided to take on board, a female style icon, the most popular female pop singer and a loyal 'Quiz' client, Hadiqa Kiyani to be the face of the brand. A press conference took place in 'Quiz' outlet of the Mall of Lahore to introduce Hadiqa officially to the media.
    The event was attended by leading media personalities and magazine editors and was managed and covered by Encyclomedia PR.

    The event started with 'Quiz' Brand Manager Nida Naseem's speech about the brand and its inception and how success followed soon after its initial launch. Hadiqa while speaking at the event said that 'Quiz' was a brand, which she could easily relate to. "I have always shopped at 'Quiz' since August 2010 and the reason behind my affiliation with 'Quiz' is that I can easily relate with its clothing and style. They are trendy, stylish and easy to wear. As I call myself a free spirit and love to play with colours, therefore, I prefer to wear those outfits that exhibit my personality and 'Quiz' is the brand that I can always bank upon."

    When asked what her personal style statement was, Hadiqa said she loved wearing both Western and Eastern dresses as long as she was at comfort with whatever she was wearing. "I normally make sure I wear something desi every time I'm abroad to represent my country, even if I'll be wearing jeans and a casual top at home. So it's all about owning up to what you are."

    "This season, people should be wearing a lot of open, cool colours and loose kaftans. Summer should be celebrated that way," she further maintained.

    Article from : Daily Times

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