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    Saturday, 26 November 2011

    Rauf Khalid MASTERPIECE Drama Serials :::: Watch Online ::::

    Abdul Rauf Khalid (Urdu: عبدالرؤف خالد) (died 24 November 2011) was a Pakistani actor, filmmaker and television writer/director. An ex-serviceman and bureaucrat, Khalid was known for his Kashmir based patriotic plays. He worked in films and television plays. He attended Islamia College, Peshawar.

    In 1989, he wrote and partially directed PTV's thriller, Madaar, a seven-episode serial exposing drug trafficking, telecast from PTV Quetta centre. In 1991, he wrote Guest House a 52-episode comedy series that turned out to be a popular comedy series for PTV. Its characters became household names. Film star Afzal Khan, who played Rambo in the serial, came to be permanently known with the name even in his career in the filmdom.

    In 1994, Khalid directed Angar Wadi, a 15-episode serial for which he was an actor and a producer apart from writing it.

    Television serials:
    In 1998, Khalid made Laag, a 27-episodes serial (written, directed, produced and acted). In 2003, Khalid released his debut film Laaj as (writer, director, producer and actor), although it reportedly did poorly at the box office. The film LAAJ won 12 Bolan Awards, 14 Graduate Awards, 4 National Film Awards and Luxstyle Award. In 2008, Khalid made his third television serial, Mishaal (as writer, director & producer), which was telecast from Pakistan Television on Tuesday evenings.

    His paintings have been exhibited in the World Fineart Gallery New York and the Omma Art Gallery in Crete Greece.

    Rauf Khalid died on 24 November 2011 in a traffic accident on motorway near Sheikhupura.

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    the MASTERPIECES Written by Abdul Rauf Khalid

    Drama Serial : Angaar Wadi (1994)

    Drama Serial : Laag (1998)

    Drama Serial : Guest House (1991)

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