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    Saturday, 26 November 2011

    LAAJ (2003)(Urdu) ::: Watch Online ::: A Tribute to Rauf Khalid

    Film: Laaj (2003)
    Starring: Imran Urooj, Zara Sheikh, Nirma, Resham, Talat Hussain, Rashid Mehmood,
    Usman Mughal, Afshan Qureshi, James Kavaz, Pat Kilman.
    Music: Amjad Bobby
    Directed By: Rauf Khalid

    Ignorant of the fact that the world was preparing for a brutal war, a young girl fell in love with a young man in British-ruled India . This is the story of true love, bravery and sacrifice, and the reality of a clash of norms and beliefs. This is also the history of the people who gave their lives to protect their honor.

    Rauf Khalid shot to prominence as a filmmaker with the 1995 super-hit serial "Angaarwadi" on Pakistan Television which portrayed the struggle for rights and human dignity in the disputed region of Kashmir . Co-produced and co-directed by Khalid, the success of "Angaarwadi" allowed the new filmmaker to direct and produce another epic drama for television set in Kashmir , starring Zeba Bakhtiar. "Laaj" is his debut on the silver

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