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    Wednesday, 19 October 2011

    Q&A with Shamoon Abbasi - The News 18 October 2011

    Shamoon Abbasi has by now, made his mark as an actor on both television and film in Pakistan. Shamoon is one of the reasons the Syed Faisal Bukhari Eid release, Bhai Log was so highly anticipated. In Cricket terminology, anyone who makes an impressive debut (taking five wickets or scoring a century), is generally called a future star. This fits with Shamoon Abbasi who did a marvellous job in Bhai Log and drew the attention of audiences and Lollywood hawks.

    Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.
    A: I was born in Italy and graduated From TRE University with an Arts and Performing Art elemental degree. It was actually an acting contest that brought me to the showbiz world. Till now, I have done more than 20 serials, almost 80 to 100 telefilms and hosted more than 20 shows.
    Q: How did Bhai Log happen?
    A: Director Faisal Bukhari approached me with the role. I was technically the first actor to be cast in Bhai Log.

    Q: How do you feel your work in the film has been received by the audience?
    A: The audience has loved me and declared me a breath of fresh air in Lollywood.

    Q: How was your experience of working with senior artists?
    A:  Well, senior artists like Javed Sheikh and Nadeem were quite supportive throughout the filming of Bhai Log. I really admire and respect their kind attitude.

    Q. Your role in Bhai Log was that of an angry man. Did you feel the character suited you?
    A: Yeah, it did, as not too many actors in Pakistan can carry that image onscreen. However I tried to justify the role in a different way.

    Q. How far it is necessary to be educated for success in show business?
    A: Look, education is compulsory for every department. It cannot be restricted only to showbiz. I would however like to say that a mere degree cannot work in such era of competition. Knowledge of the performing arts is a necessity to polish your skill. So art academies are must to give boost to acting and vice versa.

    Q: Are there any further Lollywood projects in the pipeline?
    A: Yes, I have received some offers but declined due to poor scripts. I don’t want to work in sub par films which will be a waste of my talent and might wreck my career. However my next release is the international release Waar directed by Bilal Lashari. I co-star with Shaan, who I am enjoying working with very much.

    Q: What technical drawbacks have you noticed in the Pakistani film industry?
    A: I’m lucky that Faisal Bukhari’s team worked with the latest equipment, but overall, technical facilities in Lollywood are pathetic and mostly outdated. There is sharp need to modernise our film studios.

    Q. What kind of role would you love to perform?
    A: I’m just beginning my big screen career. Anyhow, I wish to perform any challenging role that could win the audience’s heart.

    Q. Is the showbiz world fascinating? 
    A: Certainly. That’s why youngsters want to step into this field. But frankly speaking, it is not a bed of roses. One has to strive hard to achieve goals.

    Q: Which actors inspire you?
    A: In Pakistan, definitely Nadeem Baig.

    Q: You resemble Salman Khan, do you try to emulate him, or would want to be like him?
    A: No doubt Salman Khan is a well-known artist presently, but we must remember that one cannot fly high by copying someone else. I might coincidentally look like Salman Khan, but I assure you that I shall tread my own path, acting-wise.

    Source : The News 18 October 2011

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