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    Monday, 26 September 2011

    I Initially dropped the role that Araida did in LMG: Uzma Khan (GalaxyLollywood)

    When we first heard she is doing a film, most of us were either completely unaware of her or had only seen her face in some of the known ads she had done before.
    The model turned actor Uzma Khan is a fresh entry to the film fraternity of Pakistan and will soon be seen in forthcoming social/drama Pakistani film named The Dusk. Making a debut through a quality film and that too against her own husband can really be called as one lucky experience and chance that not many actors would have had in life.
    And speaking of ‘chance’, Galaxy Lollywood recently got a chance to know more about the actress in a latest interview where we managed to ask her some important questions not only regarding her debut film but also about her past and future programs in industry.
    In this same interview she also revealed us that team of Reema Khan’s recently released film Love Mein Ghum had also approached her for a role in the film but she rather preferred to drop the offer for some professional reasons. What were those reasons and then how she was approached for The Dusk? All such questions are answered in the interview, so let’s checkout what she has to say about the questions we asked.
    GL: Ok! Uzma we know you are in this showbiz world for couple of years now, so how were you basically approached by ‘Wajahat Kazmi Films’ for the role that you are now playing in their upcoming film project “The Dusk”.
    Uzma: Well! Basically one of our mutual friend Nabeel Khan who has recently debuted with his first film Love Mein Ghum told me about his friend Wajahat Kazmi’s upcoming film The Dusk. Wajahat’s team at that time was auditioning new faces for the film, so I met and really liked the concept of film & they cast me in lead role. And now here I am standing; almost done with my shooting work and hoping the film to have sky-touching success InshaAllah.
    GL: You are surely a very fresh and a pretty face for industry people. But besides your modelling work for different brands we haven’t really seen any of your notable work on TV or any other medium. Is this all about your selectiveness regatding the work or you haven’t really been approached by anyone else for the kind work that you keep interest in?
    Uzma: No it’s not like that, as you rightly asked in your question as well, I am basically bit choosy about my work but of course I was approached by many people in past, in fact it would be quite interesting and surprising for you and your readers to know that I was approached for Reema Khan’s recent film Love Mein Ghum for the role that afterwards was given to that Azerbaijani model Araida as I rejected to work in it mainly because of the movie script and the character space that my role had to offer me. But later on I chose The dusk because it was an entirely a new idea and I was personally interested to be a part of the project.
    GL: Film is always a team work, and a good team matters a lot. How did you find the team of “The Dusk” when working and being on sets of the film?
    Uzma: Well, Most of the team members in Dusk are young, every one of them was working for countless hours. Overall environment of shooting set was completely opposite to what we hear everyday about films, local films to be more specific. Director Z-shan Kazmi kept the whole cast & crew motivated all the time and we hardly faced any panic on sets.
    GL: Majority of D├ębutantes prefer to have a career break from some commercial film rather than a social one because of the market differences. Do you think there is some truth in this and if yes, then did you ever feel like you have taken some sort of risk when it comes to making your own debut through a social film?
    Uzma: No, i don’t really think so. One can debut with a social film if it is worth doing because films with social issues carry more potential to explore acting skills. The recent example of such a case is Shoaib Mansoor’s recently released Bol, you can now see Mahira Khan and Humaima having a great post-film career. So it all basically depends upon the quality of work through which you are entering into the market, if its good you won’t feel any risk, but if it isn’t then surely you have wasted your time and chance. A perfect launch is what matters, whether it’s through a commercial film or a parallel cinema.
    GL: Now tel us tell something about your character in the film. You feel it has that intensity to put an impact on audience.
    Uzma: I am playing the female lead in the film as you know; ‘Dr. Ali Zaidi’s (Salman Khan) wife, which again you know is played by my real life husband. My character is of a young college lecturer of political sciences and believe me it was a difficult one to perform but I hope people would appreciate my performance as I have put a great effort in it.
    GL: Let’s come to more sort of personal question now. Your Co-actor in the film Salman Khan as you mentioned earlier is basically your husband in real life too. How did you find him as your co-star.
    Uzma: Well, it’s a tough question but I think we both enjoyed working with each other but audience are the best judges so hopefully they would like the kind effort we have put in our work.
    GL: Towards the very end, tell us about some other projects you are currently working on besides “The Dusk”. Is there anything big in pipelines right now or you are just focused on this film project currently?
    Uzma: I am currently working for so many ads and fashion shoots but as far film is concerened, I am completely focusing on it. Once the film is completely released, only then I would go for something big, but as of now its just ads, shoots and the film.
    Courtesy : GalaxyLollywood (Article/Interview By Ayan Mirza) - 25 September 2011

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