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    Monday, 5 September 2011

    Bol Movie Reviewed by various Online media and Websites - Pakium Article

    Shoaib Mansoor‘s much awaited and most hyped, BOL movie, has now been finally released in India, UK, USA, Canada and many other parts of the World. BOL has also successfully managed to attract the masses and media outlets, as the movie reviews are getting published back to back.
    In this post, we have gathered the excerpts of all major reviews done by various online Indian websites and magazines. This will indeed give you an idea as how BOL is being seen in neighboring country and worldwide, post its release. So here we go:
    To see a Pakistani film that is better than most commercial Indian films, is embarrassing. “Bol”, despite its few flaws, becomes that minor masterpiece that eclipses Bollywood.

    BOL is a courageous film that has the guts to expose issues plaguing the society. It raises questions, challenges the age-old customs and mirrors a reality most convincingly. A brilliant film embellished with bravura performances. Not to be missed!

    Bol is a film that leaves us with a lot of unanswered questions about gender bias.

    It highlights issues that are germane not just in Pakistan, but in many countries around the world.

    Humaima Malik (Zainab) arguing with Manzar Sehbai (Hakeem Sahab)
    The writing is riveting, and the dialogues in particular, are crisp, clear and caustic. Despite the serious demeanour of the film, the director infuses sporadic moments of unusual humour

    Bol is a fantastic fare, entertaining and thought-provoking, but it should not have come in direct opposition to Hurricane Bodyguard

    If not for the less publicity and average songs the film could have garnered much needed word of mouth pre-release. But with positive reviews pouring in, the film is sure to catch on the rage.

    Atif Aslam with Mahira Khan and Hadiqa Kiani in BOL
    Director Sohaib deserves applause for the subject he tackles. The script and screenplay are well crafted. His selection of cast is perfect and they all perform very well,

    while the good intentions and a thought-provoking story go a long way in making Bol a remarkable film, the lengthy run time and a narrative that lags intermittently comes in the way of the film being truly enjoyable. It’s a good film, no doubt, but also slightly underwhelming in totality.

    Posted on Pakium.com on 4th September 2011


    1. There are many more positive reviews in Indian press. Sadly, Bol was almost ignored by the UK press. Nevertheless, the smaller screen at Harrow Safari cinema had a good and appreciative house when I saw Bol there last Saturday afternoon, but Bodyguard had much the bigger audience in Screen 1, with long queues. None of my Asian friends, Indian or Pakistani, here in London, has anything but praise for the movie, its actors, its direction. Powerful stuff. David Greig dgreig8@googlemail.com

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