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    Monday, 1 August 2011

    PakistaniCinema Blog : A Journey of One Year

    Thanks to all of you who make PakistaniCinema.tk alive from 1 Year and I hope your love and support will be with me for more years like that and we will see more Anniversaries, I want to Thank all FAN of Lollywood who supported my Blog by visiting and liking the posts,

    One Year ago when i try to find some thing related to Pakistani Cinema I always get disappointed to see the Google Search result with lot of negative news from different blogs/sites using words like “Dying Pakistani Cinema, End of, Last Days… and bla bla” , but even some sites were fighting at that time for the Support of Pakistani Cinema like Janubaba (Lollywood Section) and Mazhar Bhai’s Mazhar.dk.

    But Now scenario is Different , we have Lot of Sites today which are fighting for the Survival of Pakistani Film Industry, Like Mazhar Bhai's Mazhar.dk, Aayan Mirza & Team's  GalaxyLollywood and Adnan Khalid's Lollywood Page on Facebook, Lot of people are coming and visiting these sites daily, and these sites are providing latest news and updates for Lollywood Fans.

    So in Jan 2010 when i started with a small site on Ning Network , but due to change in there payment plans my account was closed, After that a search for alternative site started and ended on Blogger,

    The First Post on my site Pakistani Cinema Was Syed Noor’s Masterpiece CHOORIAN (1997) http://pakistanicinema.blogspot.com/2010/08/choorian-1997punjabi.html
     Than after that the posting started on Daily basis and till now Pakistani Cinema contains 473 Post which includes Showbiz News, Lollywood Movies, Songs and Promos/Trailers.

    There was lot of ups and down during this Journey of One Year, due to Job’s work load some time I stopped posting for days, and lot of interruption due to some family matters but the Pakistani Cinema’s Fan always Motivated me a lot mostly Adnan Khalid,  he was always asking me ““Bro aaj ki news kahan hai” J , when ever there is a delay in updates, Which cause me to make updates on time. Love u Adnan Bhai .

    In the End I want to THANK YOU ALL who Helped me and Pray for Me and Make my Blog alive:

    First of All I THANKYOU ALLAH ALMIGHTY for the strength and energy.

    I would like to thank Mazhar Bhai of Mazhar.dk, he is the real motivation for me to start my site, by looking to his 11 Year Work for Pakistani Cinema makes me to think to do something for my own Cinema , The Pakistani Cinema , So what is PakistaniCinema.tk looks today is due to him, Love u Mazhar Bhai.

    I would also like to Thankyou Mr. Wajahat Abbas Kazmi of Blue Vince Pictures
    For the support at the beginning of my site and through out the Year, If he was not there may be I will not get this much support and recognition. So Thank You Wajahat Bhai.

    And Thanks to Adnan Khalid of Lollywood (FB Page Admin) for motivating me through out the Year and asking me when I was not updating my site “Bro aaj ki news kahan hai” J , So love u Adnan Bhai keep asking me this, Because I need lot of motivation till next Anniversary.

    And Thanks to Aayan Mirza and his Team of Galaxy Lollywood, for supporting Pakistani Cinema, and updating the Lollywood Lovers with there Polls, Reviews and Articles. 

    Yasser Bilal Kiyani (Creator & Admin : PakistaniCinema.tk)

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