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    Tuesday, 19 July 2011

    Regional flicks get real

    MULTAN: A new trend has recently come about amongst film producers in Southern Punjab, who have begun to incorporate regional languages in the production of films to capture the attention of their target audience. Saraiki, one of the widely spoken regional dialects, is spoken by 13 per cent of the population spread in Southern and Central Punjab belt.
    Producers in Multan aim to produce low-budget movies in regional languages like Saraiki. Multan is considered by many as the hub of saints and mystics, hence the culture of these regional films has not been amalgamated with vulgarity and stage dances like other run-of-the-mill films.
    A new Saraiki film, Raanjhan Maahi, faced many issues during filming. Initially its budget was restricted to Rs200,000, as producers in the region, who were doubtful of the films success, were reluctant to invest in the production. Thus, the union of stage artists stepped forward to financially support this film. This film, which is essentially a love story, also highlights problems that come into play in a feudal society.
    The low-budget film, which was made in less than two months, has been produced by Ijaz Chandar, and was shot in various areas in Southern Punjab and aims to show various aspects of the province. Multan’s heritage of tombs and mausoleums has been highlighted, while at the same time Dera Ghazi Khan and Cholistan create beautiful visuals of mountains and the desert respectively. The district of Kabirwala portrays the forests and rural culture.
    Aiema Khan, a doctor by profession, is the female lead actor and rose to fame through her poetry and acting in stage dramas. About her experience on the silver screen, Khan says, “I have done my best and I am confident that people will enjoy this movie as we have not focused on a fantasy world but spoken about real issues, but at the same time managed to bring in light comedy as well.” The film, running house-full for a month now, has been a hit in Southern Punjab.
    Producer Zawaar Baloch is currently producing another film in Saraiki called Sohna Saanwal, “We have taken this step after seeing films being made in Pashto. This is a way to simultaneously promote our culture and revitalise the film industry.” Baloch said that the budget for Sohna Saanwal is one million rupees and it will be launched at a national level.

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