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    Saturday, 19 February 2011

    Price of Honour to be released by the end of April

    LAHORE: Price of Honour, the much-awaited film by Syed Noor aims to promote parallel cinema in Pakistan. It is in the final phases of post-production and is said to hit  cinemas by the end of April.
    The film is a reflective look at honour killings in Pakistan and has mostly been shot in Rahim Yar Khan, the region where most honour killings are reported. The actors playing the lead roles in the film were chosen from a talent hunt show that ran on a private television channel and was judged by Noor himself. During the course of the television screening, Noor announced that he would give the winners a chance to work in his film and declared its tentative release in July 2010. But due to unforeseen circumstances, the film’s release delayed.
    It is being termed as the first film in parallel cinema in Pakistan. While talking to The Express Tribune Syed Noor said, “this movie will be released worldwide. I am planning to release it in Europe, England and the USA. First this film will be released internationally and then locally.”
    Noor said that though the film industry was undergoing a crucial period, some people including him were still determined to work for its revival. Noor said that the film would be the first of its kind in Pakistan and would venture into the bounds of parallel cinema. He has been working with complete vigour to revive the film industry. However while some people in the film circles believe that the movie is inspired from the struggle and life of Mukhtara Mai, Noor, strictly denies it. “This film is not about Mukhtara Mai. This is about honour killing and has nothing to do with Mukhtara Mai directly in any way,” he said.
    Atif Naveed, Rakshi and Danyal are the three actors chosen from the talent hunt show and will be making their debut in the upcoming film.
    Rakshi, who plays the lead female role in the film, has especially come from Dubai to work in it. The actor reveals that she is quite optimistic about the movie and hopes it attracts the audiences.  She said that she was delighted to be part of this film.
    Naveed, who plays the main character in the upcoming film, said that he came to Lollywood with very ambitious aspirations and has tried very hard to prove his talent. “We are looking forward to the film’s release and hope it will do well,” said Naveed.
    Another major character of the film is played by actor Danyal. “There are hundreds and hundreds of youngsters who want to make their career in the film industry. We all feel sorry about the deteriorating condition of cinema but we have to play our role to improve this industry,” he said.
    The film will reportedly be released in most theatres in major cities of Pakistan. Usually, Pakistani films are released in selective cinemas such as the DHA Cinema in Lahore, Cine Star and Cine Gold and a few other cinemas across the country. The last Pakistani film that successfully ran in theatres was Khuda Ke Liye by Shoaib Mansoor and, since then, the Pakistani audience has eagerly been waiting for another blockbuster to hit  the screens.

    Article Source : GALAXY LOLLYWOOD


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