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    Thursday, 17 February 2011

    Mr.420(1992) ..:::::::Watch Online::::::....

    Mr.420 (1992)
    Director : Umer Sharif
    Writter : Umer Sharif 
    Language: Urdu
    Star Cast : Umer Sharif, Rubi Niazi , Nisho, Madhia Shah  and Shakila Qureshi

    :: Movie Plot ::
    Mr. 420 is a story of triplets that are separated due to an attack by a gangster. 
    Umer Sharif stars, directs, and writes this great epic. The gangster attacks and the father is killed but the mothers is left alive and children separated. After the three are separated, one grows up in the jungle, ones a cop, and ones just a regular guy.

    Original Uploader : Badshah Bhai

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