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    Saturday, 19 February 2011

    Mona Lizza launches her website

    While music and fashion celebrities of Pakistan are quick to launch websites to update their fans on their latest projects, having an official website is still a rare trend among the film and television artists. But actor and model Mona Lizza has gone a step ahead, launching her very own http://monalizza.com/
    Lizza announced the launch on Wednesday. Talking about her website, she said, “I’m a professional actor which is why I have launched this site.”
    Giving details about the content and features, she said, “the website carries my biography, photographs, television dramas, telefilms and details on other projects.”
    For fans of Lizza, who has not joined online social networks like Twitter, the actor’s website will provide a chance to get connected with her through news and messages. “Through my website, my fans and celebrities will get latest updates,” she said.
    Given the extend to which the actor raved about her online portal, we couldn’t resist the temptation to check it out. It takes a few minutes to load and then you enter “the world of glamorous Mona Lizza.”
    The website indeed has a lot to offer – photoshoots, interviews, wallpapers, trailers, performances – but it could be better if all these features functioned smoothly.
    After starring in Kajraare, the actor has made it clear on her website that she is looking forward to a Bollywood career, saying it is the only way “to explore her potential and at the same time live up to the expectations of her fans.”
    Article Source : GALAXY LOLLYWOOD

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