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    Sunday, 16 January 2011

    Glorious Resolve (2011) :::::Watch Online:::::

    Glorious Resolve (2011)

    Directed By : Sarosh Kayani
    Producer : Lieut. Colonel Irfan Aziz & Brig. Syed Azmat Ali
    Story  :  Lieut. Colonel Irfan Aziz
    Sound : Muhammad Parvez Sajjad
    Language : Urdu/English
    Star Cast : Hamza Ali Abbasi,Dr. Hasan Waqas Rana, 
    Umair Bangesh, Bilal Lashari, Luke Rocheleau, 
    Havaldar Saeed Ahmed & Sepoy Abdul Haseeb


    1. Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdYsDRb_QnQ

    2. Thanks Anonymous (Please use any name/nick while posting. Thanks) but Part 2 is also added in the playlist, just see in the Playlist under the Video Screen, you will see 2 videos , one will be in diagonal position click it to play , it is the PART 2.....

      Some time Playlist gave wrong details due to extra load on the Blog, so just refresh the Page.

      Thanks for the COMMENTS....

      Yasser Bilal Kiyani
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