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    Saturday, 11 September 2010

    25 Upcoming Lollywood Movies :::Latest Updates - 11 September 2010:::

    25 New Upcoming Movies

    Movies from Renowned Directors
    Jarrar Rizvi's Paanch The Real Force (Jarrar Rizvi the SON OF PAKISTAN's Director)
    Pervaiz Rana's RACE & NASEEBO
    Hassan Askari's JAN HATYLI PAR

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    1. This is the Old Post Dated 11 September 2010, Some of these movie already released and most are Packed in the Boxes and will never release.

      "Anonymous" Your Comment is Deleted due to use of Banned Word.

      Please while commenting try to use decent words and vocabulary. Thanks

      Yasser Bilal Kiyani
      Admin Pakistani Cinema